Why You Have Nothing to Wear

why you have nothing to wear

Reasons Why You Have Nothing to Wear

We’ve all felt the struggle of getting up in the morning and spending way too much time in front of our closets. Staring at all of your clothes and getting frustrated by the minute that you literally have nothing to wear. How can you have nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes!? Well I’m here to share my insights and hopefully help you rethink your closet and figure out what’s not working.

You Don’t Have Basics

One of the main reasons you might be feeling the nothing to wear pain might be because your closet is lacking the essential basics. Every wardrobe should have certain staples like a white tee shirt, a black blazer, comfortable jeans ( etc. ) so if you’re lacking basics then getting dressed in the morning can be more of a challenge.

I’ve created a video series on what I think are important wardrobe staples – check it out:

Building Basics – Tops

Building Basics – Bottoms

Building Basics – Accessories

Building Basics – Layers

You’re Shopping Aimlessly

When you go out and shop aimlessly then chances are you’re going to pick up things you don’t need, and buy things on impulse. When you do that you’re just adding more things to your closet and taking up more space with items that weren’t thought out.

Assess your closet and start making lists of items you actually need. Build outfits with items you already have and take notes to see what you’re missing or what pieces would make sense to add to your wardrobe. Then go shopping with that list in mind.

You have too Many Trendy Pieces

Sure, fashion trends are fun but they’re not always sustainable or timeless. If you’re wardrobe is full of too many trends then it’ll be out of date sooner rather than later, and you’ll wind up with a growing closet of things you can’t keep for a long period of time.

You Keep Buying Similar Things

I am totally guilty of this one – we all have our go-to favourites and pieces that we’re drawn to when it comes to clothes. When you continuously purchase similar items then your whole wardrobe winds up looking the same and it can leave you uninspired when getting dressed in the morning. There’s no need to have more than one grey cardigan, so remember what you already have when you’re shopping and ask yourself do I have something similar to this? If yes, then move along and add some variety to your wardrobe.

Your Clothes Don’t Fit Properly

Sometimes we like to hang on to certain pieces for whatever the reason may be. If something doesn’t fit you properly or it’s uncomfortable to wear ( but super cute ), then just get rid of it! You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing, because when you’re comfortable then you feel good and you’re a lot more confident.

You Have Way too Much

When you’re closet becomes overwhelming with stuff everywhere then getting dressed in the morning can be scary. You probably have shirts at the bottom of your closet you haven’t touched in years… so what’s the point? Give your closet a major clean out and don’t be afraid to part ways with items you haven’t worn in at least a year. Focus on the pieces you absolutely love and wear often, and then start building a solid wardrobe from there.

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September 14, 2017