How I Turned My Life Around

turn my life around

How I Turned My Life Around / Got My Sh*t Together

About a year ago I was in a massive rut, probably one of the biggest ones of my life. I was really down, overwhelmed, and very unmotivated. Something needed to change. I thought I would share with you how I got my sh*t together, and how I began to change my mindset.


Once I realized that I needed to make a change in my life I decided to sit down and refocus. I felt like I needed to get back to square one and really think about what I wanted. You see, I was kind of caught up in the whole social media world for a while and I felt like it consumed me. I was constantly comparing myself to others and I always felt like I needed to “keep up”.

Refocusing was huge for me. I realized I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing, and that I needed to make a big change. One day I just thought about all of the things that I used to love, and that made me happy and motivated I wrote everything down. I then made the decision to bring those things back into my life and make time for them.

Cut the Crap

Virtual Declutter

Once I decided to refocus my energy on things that I enjoyed, I decided to cut the crap and noise from my life. I basically did a virtual declutter of my life. I went through my social medias and started clearing out any accounts I followed that didn’t add any value to my life or provide me with inspiration. Social media shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed or down, it should make you feel inspired. You are in full control of the content you want to see, so make sure it’s things that are motivating and inspiring to you!

Another step in my virtual declutter was cutting out the news. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s important to be educated on world events, but there’s literally SO MUCH news being shoved in our faces 24/7 that it can consume you. I used to spend hours reading news articles and getting wrapped up in things that would just anger me or bring my mood down. Once I made the decision to stop reading news articles every day, I became much happier.

Physical Declutter

After my virtual declutter I felt like I needed to tackle my physical space. My closet was extremely overwhelming and I felt that was the best place to start. I cleared out about 6 garbage bags worth of stuff, and started to become more minimal with my wardrobe.

We’ve also slowly been decluttering our apartment, and parting ways with anything that we don’t have a need for. Your space should be filled with things you use or that bring you joy, anything else is just unnecessary.

Motivation Comes from Action

Nothing in life is just going to land in your lap. It’s easy to get caught up and look at other people’s lives and wonder why they have this dream life and you don’t. Although it may seem like their lives are so cool and great, you have no idea what goes in behind the scenes, and you better believe that they worked their butt off to be in that position. If you want something in life then you have to work for it and go get it. When I started putting my own butt into gear I became more motivated and the ball kept rolling from there. Motivation comes from doing something and action. Don’t wait around to become motivated because it likely won’t happen – get off your butt and start doing something and you’ll become more and more motivated.

Appreciating the Little Things

When I starting practicing gratitude and appreciating everything I had in my life my mood really began to change. I started to appreciate the people around me more and the things I already had, and I became so content with everything. I also love the fact that my friends aren’t in the same work industry as me because it really is so refreshing, grounding, and puts my mind in a different place when we all get together.

It’s never easy to get out of a rut, and it’s different for everyone. I thought that sharing my experience and what really helped me get through mine might maybe help someone. It’s not an overnight change but it’s a process that you need to work at. It all starts with a decision to change.

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February 6, 2018
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    February 18, 2018

    Erin, I really enjoyed this article. Has some great tips for any time of the year. I’m going to take a couple of your suugestions and follow through with them.

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      February 19, 2018

      I’m happy to hear that Sharon! <3 XO