My Top 3 Drugstore Makeup Favourites

drugstore favourites

Drugstore Makeup Favourites

Only within the past few years have I started getting into makeup a little bit more and experimenting with it. Before that I bought all of my makeup at the drugstore and I never really cared to venture out and try anything else. That being said I have pretty well tried most brands from the drugstore and figured out which products I like best and continued to repurchase. I though I would share with you my three picks for the best drugstore makeup that have saved me over the years.

1. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

This mascara is my holy grail. I absolutely love it. I’ve tried much more expensive mascaras and this one still beats them out. I really love a thicker lash look and the L’Oreal mascara does the job perfectly. If I want the super thick dark lashes then I’ll apply about three coats of this mascara – I’ve honestly gotten so many compliment when I wear a couple of coats of this product. It’s definitely worth trying if you want a good bang for your buck.

2. Covergirl Foundation

The Covergirl TRUblend foundation is a great affordable foundation. I used this product for years because it’s so affordable and great quality. It provides amazing coverage but doesn’t feel too cakey either. The product goes on super smooth and blends out really well. I used to apply this foundation and then set it with a powder over top.

3. Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner

The Maybelline Stiletto Eyeliner has honestly been a go-to for me for so many years. I have tried other brands but always went back to this one. It’s incredibly easy to use because it has a felt tip rather than a brush so you have a lot more control, so it makes it highly appealing to those without impeccable makeup skills. It’s extremely pigmented in colour and you don’t need to go over more than once which is amazing. I love it for creating the perfect winged eyeliner look!

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