5 Tips for Taking Instagram Photos

tips for taking instagram photos

Tips for Taking Instagram Photos

Instagram is definitely not what it was five years ago… when it was actually instant ( hence the name insta-gram ). Nowadays Instagram is a perfectly curated gallery of images that prove to the world just how kick a$$ your life is. Well my life is definitely not kick a$$ but I do love taking Instagram photos so I’m sure it looks a hell of a lot better online. How does that saying go? — My life isn’t perfect, but my Instagram can be. So here are my tips for taking Instagram photos.

1. Lighting

Make sure you’re taking photos in good lighting. Period. Lighting is my number one tip because it is SO important and I know everyone says the same thing, but it’s because it’s true. It’s so hard to take a nice photo with bad lighting. This doesn’t just mean taking photos when it’s too dark, but direct sunlight can also be really harsh. You might think a sunny day is the perfect time to take photos but it casts awkward shadows and you get all squinty eyed, so sunshine is a no-no ( for photos, because otherwise we love it ). The best days for taking photos are when it’s overcast!

2. Know Your Body and Know Your Angles

If you know what angles work for you then you automatically have a go to pose. For example if you’re shorter you can try standing up on your toes a little more and have the camera at a lower angle pointing up so you look long and lean. For me personally, I have bigger hips so I like to stick my hips back in photos and have a wider stance. If my legs are too close together then it almost accentuates the fact that my hips are bigger so I try to avoid that. Remember that whatever is closest to the camera will look the biggest. Try adding movement to your poses too, like flicking your hair or looking the other way to catch that oh so natural ( and I use natural loosely here ) in the moment vibe. Taking multiple photos helps because you can narrow down to the best one.

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is an important tip if you want to keep a specific colour theme throughout your Instagram. You can’t have a white themed Instagram and head out to take photos in front of red brick buildings. Another thing to keep in mind is what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing black then don’t stand in front of a black wall for a photo because you’re just going to blend in. Having a nice contrast of dark versus light makes for an appealing photo. Every where I go I always have my eyes peeled for possible photo spots ( sweet life, I know ).

4. Try New Things

Rolling off of tip number 3 is to try new things! I once watched a photography video that said ‘you can have all the fancy camera equipment in the world but it still won’t make a white wall look any better’, and I thought well ain’t that the truth. So get out there and try new things! Explore your city, try new cafes, go for walks, and see all the amazing things that are already around you. It’s an awesome way to get great photos and gain new experiences at the same time – multitasking. I’m one of those people that stalks social media to check out the cutest places in my city, if it’s Instagram worthy then you better believe I’ll be trying out it!

5. Have Fun

I used to be psycho about my Instagram feed and everything had to fit perfectly together or I wouldn’t post it. It got to the point where it literally wasn’t fun anymore, so once I snapped back to reality and realized how insane I was being over a social app I started having fun with it again. It is supposed to be fun right? So share what you love and don’t get caught up in the likes and let that sway the type of content you post. As long as you love what you’re posting and you are proud of it then that’s all that matters. You need to be happy with yourself and then the rest will follow.

E xx

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tips for taking instagram photos


May 31, 2017