The Time Capsule Wardrobe Tops

time capsule wardrobe

The Time Capsule Wardrobe Part 1

Building basics within your wardrobe is so essential. I have been working on building my own time capsule wardrobe for a little while now, so I decided to share with you which pieces I feel are timeless and worth keeping for years and years to come. This is going to be a four part series, and today we’re starting with part one – tops!


We all love a comfortable t-shirt, so of course these are an essential! They’re perfect for lounging, layering, and even dressing up with the right blazer and statement necklace. In my opinion you should have a t-shirt that you love in white, grey, and black. The best part is that you can score some awesome tee’s for extremely affordable prices!

Tank Tops

Tank tops are definitely another staple to add to your wardrobe. Sure, it’s nice to have a bunch those spaghetti strap cheapo ones, but for the time capsule wardrobe I tried to focus on a couple of nicer tanks! I went for tank tops that look chic on their own, but are also dressy enough to wear to work under a blazer. I found a super cute black tank with a lace trim, but you can’t go wrong with a flowing chiffon tank in black or white either.

Sweaters and Long Sleeves

Just like everything for timeless style it’s important to make sure you go with neutral colours. For sweaters I think a grey sporty sweater is key, and one nicer knitted neutral sweater.

As for long sleeve tops, I’m a huge fan of the fitted black turtleneck ( the Steve Jobs look ) because they are the epitome of the time capsule wardrobe. A long sleeve stripe top is perfect to throw in the mix too.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the bright colours and trendy designs when it comes to blouses but for the time capsule wardrobe those don’t really fly. The key is to focus on basics. I used buy blouses that were inexpensive but they never lasted very long and the material would show wear really quickly. I think a couple of quality blouses is a good investment because they will last you MUCH longer. I would focus on white, black, or a subtle pin stripe pattern when it comes to picking that time capsule blouse.


I know dresses don’t really fall under the tops category, but they don’t fit the mould of the other categories either so here we are. Everyone knows that the little black dress is essential, but I also think a fitted long sleeve dress is a classic to consider.


Stay tuned for part two – bottoms!

E xx

time capsule wardrobe