Sunday Cleaning Routine

cleaning routine

I really love Sundays; it’s the perfect day to both relax and get your life together for the upcoming week. Since getting married Kyle and I have tried to make a habit of getting some cleaning done on Sundays so that our apartment stays organized and clutter free. Cleaning together makes the time pass quicker, and gets the job done quicker! This is typically what we do on our Sunday cleaning routine:

Clear Surfaces


There’s nothing better than a clear, clutter free surface, so the first thing that we like to do is put everything away. This includes:

  • Bringing down the recycle and clearing any excess cardboard or plastic
  • Putting important mail into our filing system
  • Putting loose items back into their home

Once the countertops, side tables, and coffee table are free of clutter then we will wipe down all of the surfaces wit disinfecting spray.

Sweep and Vacuum

dyson vacuum

Next comes sweeping and vacuuming – we always like to do the surfaces first incase any crumbs or dirt fall to the floor so that we can scoop it up during this step. First we like to sweep the entire apartment, and then we like to vacuum.

For vacuuming we recently got the Dyson Ball Animal 2 and this vacuum is a game changer. The suction is so strong and powerful that it’s impossible to leave any dust or dirt behind. It really makes our place feel extra neat and tidy. We like that it comes with multiple attachments so we can clean every inch of our apartment with it. This is definitely something that would have been perfect on a wedding registry!

Final Touches

house cleaning

After everything is clean and tidy we like to finish off with some final touches. Things like:

  • Folding the blankets
  • Polishing the mirrors
  • Putting extra shoes away
  • Making sure closet doors and cabinets are shut

Since we got married we’ve really been trying to keep ourselves on a good routine. Nothing feels better than having a clean home!

E xx

*This post is in partnership with Dyson