Styling Athleisure Like a Pro

styling athleisure

3 Tips for Styling Athleisure Like a Pro

The Athleisure trend has taken over by storm, and I am not complaining! This is definitely one trend that I can get fully behind and have some fun with. My whole philosophy on personal style is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing because comfort brings confidence. There’s nothing more comfortable than leggings, sweaters, and sneakers so who wouldn’t want to get behind this trend!? I get that it’s not work appropriate, but for running errands or a casual lunch with friends it’s the perfect getup. Below are my 3 simple rules for styling athleisure like a pro:

styling athleisure

styling athleisure

1. Killer Shoes

In my opinion to rock this trend appropriately you need a killer pair of shoes. Without a solid pair of runners you’re just that person wearing leggings and a sweatshirt out and about. I personally love a good pair of Nike’s because they are my go-to workout shoe, so why not wear them to rock this trend too and have the best of both worlds. Wearing the Nike Air’s sparks an attitude within of confidence enabling you to be bold and sculpt your own kind of future.

Here I’m wearing the Nike Air Max Flyknit sneaker which I chose because I absolutely love the detailing on them. Wearing shoes like this means that you don’t have to try as hard on the rest of your outfit, because this is your key piece that draws the eyes in. Not only are these an extremely practical shoe, but they fuel a certain culture of innovators and curators. These are so comfortable, breathable and lightweight so it’s a dream to wear them all day long and look fashionable at the same time. Plus if you need to make a pit stop at the gym, or run for the bus then you’re all set 😉

styling athleisure

2. Balance it Out

My next tip for rocking the athleisure trend is to make sure you balance it out. By this I mean if you want to wear baggier track pants or joggers then maybe opt for a slim fitting top, or if you wanted to wear a sweatshirt or baggier tee then wear slim fitting bottoms. Doing this just equals out your outfit and provides a nice visual balance. If you were to wear a baggy sweatshirt and baggy pants you might end up looking a bit over the top, and with a slim fitting top and bottoms you’d look like you’re ready for a marathon. Having one of each makes for the perfect laid back look.

styling athleisure

3. Minimize Accessories

The whole point of the athleisure look is to have that ‘I’m just leaving the gym’ vibe. Keeping your accessories to a minimal is key, so let your outfit and runners speak for themselves. I think that styling your hair into a half top knot, or a messy ponytail is the perfect finishing touch for a look like this and an accessory on its own. If you’re having a bad hair day then hey, a baseball hat does the trick nicely as well.

With summer approaching it’s the perfect time to experiment with a trend like this and have some fun with it; rock the Nike Air’s and let that #KissMyAirs attitude shine through. What are your thoughts on the trend?

styling athleisure

*Thank you to Nike for sponsoring this post