Sharing My Beauty Secrets

beauty secrets

My Top 5 Simple Beauty Secrets

I thought I would share some of my really simple beauty secrets that I often fall back on. These are all so simple, inexpensive, and easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

Use Your Ring Finger for Eye Cream

My first beauty secret that I live by is using my ring finger to apply eye cream or moisturizer around my eyes! The skin around you eyes is very delicate so it’s best to put the least amount of pressure possible to avoid pulling it or tugging and causing wrinkles!

Hairspray for Brows

This is something my mom taught me when I was in my early teens and it has still stuck with me! Instead of paying for expensive brow gels just grab a dollar store tooth brush and your favourite hairspray and use that as a brow gel instead! Just spray the brush directly with the hairspray and then brush it through your brows.

Use Coffee Grounds as an Exfoliator

I love using coffee grounds as an exfoliator. If you drink coffee then you have lots of extra coffee grounds that you’re probably just going to throw away, so why not put them to good use?! I like to fill a little bowl and bring them into the shower with me because it can get messy otherwise, and I like to use them for my face, lips, and body. You can always add a little bit of lemon juice and honey for added moisture and healing benefits!

Use Warm Water Before Plucking Your Eyebrows

If you want to have a less painful eyebrow plucking experience then try using warm water before you pluck! Take a hot washcloth and put it on your face focusing around your eyebrows. The heat will help open up the follicle, and make plucking less painful. Make sure you pluck in the same direction as the hair grows and as close to the root as possible.

Use Cooking Spray to Set Nail Polish

If you’re painting your nails at home and you are in a rush to get them dry then try using cooking spray! Head over to your sink, and spray each nail one by one with cooking spray and then rinse excess spray off afterwards with cold water. Your nails dry much quicker with this method.


December 23, 2017