Easy Prom or Wedding Hairstyles

prom wedding hairstyles

Prom or Wedding Hairstyles

Well, tis the season for prom and weddings! I thought it would be fun to share three hairstyles for the occasions, which are totally DIY friendly and perfect for my girls with fine hair. So stress no more, your last minute hairstyling solution is here.

prom wedding hairstyles

Twisted Low Bun

This style is so chic and simple, but the best part is that it takes 5 minutes. I personally love this style with a sleek look, but you could easily add some curls, and rock it with as a messy loose look as well.

  • Section your hair in half ( one half bigger than the other )
  • Take the smaller half and create a tight low bun
  • Take the larger half and twist hair together to the end
  • Wrap the twist around the bun
  • Pin in place
  • Hairspray

prom wedding hairstyles

Messy Up Do

This is the perfect hairstyle if you want to try a DIY but you’re worried about messing it up. The messier the better for this look so why not give it a shot?!

  • Secure hair into a scrunchy or hair doughnut around the crown of your head
  • Curl hair around the doughnut
  • Create a loose messy bun
  • Curl the remaining hair left out from the bun
  • Strategically pin the rest of your hair around the bun
  • Add a headband
  • Hairspray

prom wedding hairstyles

Voluminous Half Up

This style is so cute and could easily work with an edgier look as well. It’s a simple and fun way to style your hair for your next big event!

  • Pull your hair into a half pony tail and create a topsy tail
  • Take hair from either side and pin through the topsy tail
  • Curl the rest of your hair with a small barreled wand
  • Brush curls up to create volume
  • Hairspray
  • Add accessories

Check out the tutorial below!


June 15, 2017