May Roundup

may roundup

May Roundup

Alright friends, another month is coming to an end so I thought I would do a round up of articles I found interesting this past month. So here we go for the May roundup:

Bikini Babes

Swimsuit season is indeed upon us, and this article shares some of the best styles depending on your body shape. One-piece swimsuits are seriously IT right now, and there are a ton of cute ones here. Some suits linked are a tad expensive but you get the overall gist of what styles to aim for.

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One of the Better Self Care Strategies

This article stood out to me because it’s so true. When feeling anxious, overwhelmed, disappointed or anything really taking a walk is a mood booster. Last week Kyle and I went to the park and just threw a football around, and it was honestly so nice just being outside and unplugged.

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How to Make an Amazing First Impression

Definitely some useful tips in here. Being shy and awkward myself, I find that sometimes it can come across the wrong way. You can never have too many tips for nailing a first impression.

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Chic Wedding Up Dos

Tis the season for tons of weddings! I love looking at different hair styling ideas. I think my favourites from this article are Emma Watsons, and Kerry Washington’s – gorgeous!

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The Five Most Common Excuses Holding You Back

If you want it bad enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse. I love that quote so much because it’s so damn true. We are all so quick to find excuses not to do thing because we fear what could go wrong. Loved this article about common excuses holding us back.

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Hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did!

E xx

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