Loving Tan Review

loving tan review

Loving Tan Review

Just a few years ago I was insanely obsessed with tanning. Seriously tanorexic. If it was a sunny day then you would find me sitting outside soaking it all up, and in the winter I lived in the tanning bed. Once reality sunk in of how awful all of that is for your skin I stopped tanning all together and starting using sunscreen every time I go out.

I feel a lot better now knowing that I’m treating my skin properly and protecting it, but I do miss that bronzed skin. That’s why I started turning to fake tanners, and now I can have the best of both worlds. Loving Tan sent me a complete set of their products and I have been religiously using it all summer for a perfect glow. I’ve just finished my bottle of mousse so I thought it was time for a Loving Tan review:

The Package

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I’m obsessed with pink, and all of the packaging was a metallic pink. The full set came with: an application glove, tanning mousse, bronzing moisturizer, a back applicator, an exfoliating glove, and some chocolates ( yum! ). I took some photos below of my pasty skin before applying the mousse, and then a few hours after applying the mousse before showering. What a difference! I’ve even gotten a ton of comments after I’ve applied it saying how tanned I look ( woot woot ).

loving tan review

The Colour

I used the medium shade, and I applied it generously each time I used it. The application mitt really helps when applying the product to avoid any streaks. The finished colour was really nice bronze shade, and it wasn’t orange at all.

The Product

The mousse was really pigmented in colour so you can see where you’re applying so it helps avoid missing any areas. It’s also really light weight, and spreads quite easily. They recommend that you shower a few hours after application but I usually applied it after a shower and let it sink in and then shower the next day. The product has that ‘tanner’ smell if you know what I mean lol.

The moisturizer was really nice, and had a shimmer to it. I didn’t use it too much, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend wearing white right after application.


As I mentioned above they recommend showering a few hours after application of the mousse, but I would usually let it set in for a day or two before showering. Just be cautious of the clothing you wear because before you shower you could stain them. I would usually just wear something loose fitting, and nothing white!

The exfoliating glove is crucial. Make sure you give your full body a good exfoliate before applying this product, otherwise the tanner likes to stick to and dry skin cells. I really focus on my elbows, knees, and ankles when exfoliating. I made this mistake once and I didn’t properly exfoliate my knees and the product went on patchy there after drying. So just make sure your skin is smooth, and you apply the product evenly and generously and you wont have any problems!

Overall I would recommend Loving Tan and I will for sure be using it again. I don’t think that the whole kit is necessary, but the application mitt, exfoliating glove, and the mousse are the products that I used the most and would recommend to purchase. If you don’t have someone to help you apply product to your back then perhaps the back applicator would be a good fit as well.

E xx

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