How to Find Your Style

how to find your style

How to Find Your Style – Step by Step

How to find your style is an interesting topic because it’s something that is ever changing. When I think back on my own style journey I think of all the different stages I went through and styles I tried. As we grow older, our style also grows and evolves. If you’re feeling a little bit lost with your style then I’m going to share with you some ways to help you get back on track and really nail your personal style. Here’s 5 steps to find your style:

1. Pick Your Top 10 Pieces – Identifying Your Style

This is something I did with my own wardrobe recently for fun, and it really does help narrow down what your true loves are. Let’s pretend that you have to pick 10 items from your entire wardrobe to keep or else the world will end. Go to your closet and pick out those 10 things that you absolutely couldn’t live without ( including shoes, and bags ). Once you’ve selected those items lay them out in front of you and really analyze the pieces that you picked. Why did you pick them? What style are they? What fit are they? What colour are they? What fabrics are they?

Now that you know what you couldn’t live without, you also now know your base style and what you get the most use out of.

2. Evaluate Your Lifestyle

After you’ve nailed down your top 10 pieces, then you need to evaluate your lifestyle. It’s really easy to lust over gorgeous evening dresses, or fancy shoes, but is that something you can wear in your daily life? Think about what you do on a day-to-day basis, and make sure your wardrobe really emulates that. You want to have a wardrobe full of pieces that you can actually wear, so focus on building your style around your lifestyle.

Does your current wardrobe suit your lifestyle? Check out my post on that here! 

3. Document When You’re Feeling Your Best

For the next little while, every time you leave the house feeling like a million bucks, or you’re really happy with how you look then snap a photo. Make a little album on your phone and save all of the photos you’ve taken of your outfits over time and figure out what it is that makes you feel good about those looks. Notice the colours, the fit, accessories, or how you layered items, and this will give you a really good sense for the direction of your style.

4. Seek out Inspiration

Pinterest is my personal favourite place to get my fashion inspiration. It’s like a digital vision board that you can always refer back to. Start a new board, and start saving pictures of outfits you love and ultimately what you’d want your ideal style to look like. Once you have a bunch of pictures saved to your vision board you can go through and start noting things that stand out to you about each outfit. Is it bold items you’re drawn to? Something more minimal? Classic cuts? Bright colours? Blacks?

Narrow down what it is that you love about these outfits.

Start Making a List

Lastly, start making a list! Write out the pieces that you feel you need to fill some of the gaps in your current wardrobe. You already have those photos of your own outfits that you love so you don’t need any new items there, but look into your inspiration board and start jotting down which of the pieces you love that you don’t have. Maybe it’s a well-fitted black blazer, or a comfortable pair of ripped denim. Whatever it is, write it down and the next time you go shopping you know what you need to start building your dream style.

E xx

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how to find your personal style




February 13, 2018