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Todays post is all about Hidden Crown Hair extensions! As you all know, (or may not know) I am a huge fan of hair extensions and I rock them a lot. Having finer hair myself I love extensions for adding length, thickness, and the opportunity to create so many different hairstyles.

One day I was lost in the world that is YouTube and I stumbled across these extensions called Halo extensions, or some people call them flip in extensions. I was so intrigued by these that I knew I had to try them for myself because they seemed so easy and way to good to be true!

I’m so cautious about what I do to my hair these days because it is fine, and being so blonde I have some breakage in my hair, so what I love most about these extensions is that they are damage-less. The quality of the hair is amazing, and it’s so silky and so thick all the way through to the ends. Another thing that is so awesome about these hair extensions is that you cannot see them when they are in. When I wear my clip in extensions I’m always touching my head and fixing my hair to make sure the clips aren’t showing, but with these I never have to worry about that. They sit on your head sort of like a head band, but with an invisible wire, and then your natural hair lifts over top to cover the weft. I know you’d probably think that they would fall out, but if you fit them properly to your head they are actually pretty secure. Maybe if you were at a rock concert and thrashing your head back and forth they would fall out haha, but for everyday life they stay in just fine!

They have an amazing variety of colours to choose from also, with an awesome selection for blondes. I chose the colour 60-8P which are an ashy blonde with some lowlights. The fact that these extensions have highlights and lowlights makes it soooo easy to blend with your own hair! Most extensions I’ve used before come in solid colours and I’ve had to dye them to match my colour. With these all I had to do was tone them to bring out a little bit more of an ashy colour, but otherwise they blend perfectly. If you’re not sure what colour you would be the team over at Hidden Crown Hair is extremely helpful, and they also have a video on YouTube that shows every colour in comparison to the others. (Colour Video)

In these photos I’m wearing the 16″ Hidden Crown Extensions in 60-8P.


My hair before extensions



Placing the extensions on your head



You get this pick comb with your hair


Pull your hair over top of the extensions with the comb




The final result


The hair is so thick all the way through to the ends





You can’t even see the wire once they’re in

The only negative I would have to say is that if you don’t fit them properly to your head they can be uncomfortable. Make sure you try it out before clamping the bead down to secure it in place. I wore mine around the house for a while with the excess wire dangling a bit until I felt I had the right fit and then I cut it off. Another negative would be that they can feel heavy after a few hours of wearing them. I generally don’t wear mine every day, or for long periods of time, but I’m sure they feel different for everyone! If you have extremely thin hair these extensions may not be the best option for you because they are so thick! Matching your hair type when buying extensions is very important to ensure they look natural.

If you want to find out more about Hidden Crown Hair I have linked their website and social media channels below.

E xx


February 10, 2016
February 27, 2016