Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Summer is quickly approaching so there’s no better time to experiment with some heatless hairstyles than now! We all know that heat is insanely damaging on our locks, so let’s ditch the hot tools for a bit and try out some amazing alternatives. I have very fine hair, and these all work well for me so hopefully you love them too!

Heatless French Braid with a Bow

This hairstyle is the perfect low pony with a girly twist. Having a French braid lead into your low ponytail really enhances your look by providing some texture and detail. Ribbons are a hot hair trend right now, and in my opinion the perfect spring and summer accessory. Polishing off this style with a ribbon around your elastic is the perfect final touch. I just picked up some ribbon from WalMart because they have a wide variety and it’s very inexpensive! ( I got this one )

Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair

  • Part your hair normally
  • Use the larger half of your hair to create a French braid
  • Tie hair into a low ponytail
  • Finish off with Ribbon


Heatless Half-up Tuck

Looking for a heatless hairstyle in a hurry? Look no further, because this is it. All you need to do is gather 2 small sections of hair from the front of your head, and tie them together in the back with a small clear elastic. Next take a section of hair from underneath, twist it a little and tuck it through the sections that are already tied up. Tuck a total of 2 sections from either side and pin in place as needed.

Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair

  • Start with a centre or side part
  • Take small 2 small sections of hair from either side of your head
  • Tie in the back with clear elastic
  • Take small sections and tuck through tied up hair


Heatless Low Messy Buns

This is a great style for all those festivals you have planned this summer. What’s awesome about a style like this one is that the messier it is the better. To get started just split your hair in half, and pin one side out of the way. Take the first half and start twisting it all the way down adding hair into the twist as you go – a French twist if you will? Once you reach the bottom, tie your hair up and create a low messy bun! Repeat the exact same thing on the other side. For this one feel free to pin your buns in place until they’re the perfect amount of messy.

Heatless Hairstyles for Fine Hair

  • Section hair in half
  • French twist hair until the bottom
  • Tie into low messy bun
  • Repeat on other side

Check out the tutorial below:

heatless hairstyles for fine hair


April 20, 2017