“Get a Real Job”

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I was listening to the radio the other morning and a conversation the morning team was having really sparked my interest and inspired this post. Let me start from the beginning…

The morning show is pretty lightweight and fun, so this particular day they were reading off a list of The Top 10 Careers Kids Aspire to Have Today ( or something along those lines ). Interestingly enough the number one answer from kids today was to be a YouTuber, followed by a Blogger, and then of course a Singer or Actor etc. Wow, I thought to myself how great is it that these are dream careers nowadays because they didn’t even exist 10 years ago! The DJ’s got into a discussion about the list, and then one of them started mocking these careers and how silly it was that kids thought this was a viable career option. He proceeded to laugh and say, “get a real job” – and that’s exactly what got me thinking…

Digital media is spreading like wildfire and it has got traditional media shaking in their boots. You see, it’s the whole adapt or die situation.

Traditional Media

Back in the day traditional media was all we had; TV, magazines, radio, billboards, signage, and so on. If you had a business then those were pretty much your only choices for advertisements. The problem with traditional media is that it’s extremely hard to measure ROI. For example, if I’m a business owner of a jewelry store and I want to run an ad campaign on the radio then it’s really hard for me to measure how many leads or sales I’ve gotten from that campaign. Sure I can blast the ad out, but of the total number of listeners the station has how many are listening when my ad is playing? And how many of those are actually in my targeted audience?

Traditional media is sort of like casting your bait into the middle of the ocean and hoping to catch a big fish.

Digital Media

Digital media has changed the marketing game. There are so many different outlets for getting your message across, and you can really aim at the right people. The World Wide Web is a vast space, and if you’re smart then the sales come to you. See if I wanted to advertise my jewelry company online then I could try different outlets, measure where I’m seeing the most return and adjust accordingly.

Digital marketing is more like finding the perfect pond full of fish that love the bait you have.

I find it funny that some people have yet to accept the fact that media and marketing has changed so much and it will in fact continue to change. With today’s technology, if you’re smart, passionate, and hardworking then you can literally succeed at anything. We should be encouraging younger generations to create their own futures and follow their dreams, not mocking them because we don’t understand the workforce today and fail to see where it’s headed. So yes, blogging is a “real job” today, and it takes a hell of a lot of work and a vast skill set to succeed. If you’re making money doing something then yes, yes it is a real job whether people believe it is or not.


The world is yours my friends – work hard and stay humble.

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    Danielle McIntyre

    June 20, 2017

    I love this post. I study marketing and it is a huge pet peeve of mine that people undervalue all the new possibilities available due to the tech growth. All platforms are valuable and a career that takes advantage of these possibilities is no less legitimate than traditional venues. You go girl,

    Danielle | The Darling Edition


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      June 20, 2017

      Yes! You are bang on! There are soooo many opportunities in our world today and new jobs that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Innovation and adaption is more important than ever before!