5 Fashion Rules to Follow

Fashion Rules to Follow

5 Fashion Rules to Follow

When it comes to fashion there are so many rules circling about like don’t pair black and brown, or no white after labour day. Realistically you can do anything you want, and as long as your comfortable and happy then who cares! I decided to list out a few fashion rules that I typically live by for my own personal style, so take them all with a grain of salt. Here’s my top five fashion rules to follow:

1. Balance it Out

This is something I always try to keep in mind when I’m styling outfits. Pairing something oversized with something slim fitting is the perfect contrast for an outfit. For example, if you are wearing a big oversized sweater then maybe wear slim fitted bottoms, and flowing / loose fitted bottoms with a slim fitted top. Of course I don’t religiously live by this because sometimes I love a full slim fitted outfit, but when you’re stuck this is a good thing to keep in mind!

2. Less is More

Less is always more when it comes to most things in life, but especially fashion ( in my humble opinion anyway ). This rule applies to everything from jewelry, patterns, and textures. Try to pick one statement piece and then build an outfit around that. When you have too much going on it can be distracting and take away from each piece rather than accentuating it.

3. Having Your Signature Look

This one is more of a tip, but when you have your own signature look or style that you know you love and you know looks great on you then dressing becomes much easier. For me personally, I love tops with high necklines. I own numerous different tops in a variety of styles, patterns, and textures with high necklines and I know when I’m in a rut I have that signature style to fall back on and pull something together.

4. Underwear Lines are Not Your Friend

Isn’t that the truth? If you’re wearing something very form fitting and you can see your underwear lines through it then it sort of ruins the whole outfit because that’s all your eye is drawn to. Opt for some seamless undies to avoid any underwear situations.

Same thing goes for bra straps. Invest in a comfortable nude strapless bra for when you’re wearing tops with funky straps. You don’t want your bright red bra straps hanging out of your new cute black tank – it just takes away from your gorgeous new top!

5. Don’t Forget Your Hair

Last but not least, don’t forget about your hair. There’s no use in dressing well and then leaving your hair undone ( unless you’re blessed with amazing natural hair of course… which I’m definitely not ). Find a hairstyle that you can master really quickly, and that looks great on you to polish up your look. I always turn to a sleek low bun because it takes me 1 minute and I don’t have to struggle figuring out what to do with my hair, especially if I’m in a rush.


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September 28, 2017