DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Wedding Décor

To say our wedding day flew by would be an understatement. Everything was perfect, and I’m so happy that I didn’t sweat the little things throughout the whole journey. In my opinion a wedding isn’t about the stuff, it’s about the people, and celebrating a new life together as one. That said, I decided to keep my wedding décor simple and inexpensive, because to me the décor is much less important important than family, friends, and my new husband. I took 2 days before the wedding to create all of my DIY wedding décor, so take a look:

The Invites

I decided to design my own wedding invitations since my background is in Graphic Design. This was really inexpensive for me since I already have all the programs and resources. I looked up some inspiration and went with a vintage, modern, and elegant look.

DIY wedding decor

The Centrepieces

What I used:

I really wanted my centrepieces to look elegant, and classic. I love the look of boxed flowers that some expensive shops have, so I took that idea and created my own version – for much less money.

Friends of ours got married a few months before us and they had some gorgeous faux flowers, which I was able to inherit. I took those faux flowers to create my centerpieces ( the best part was everyone thought they were real! )

I found the perfect white boxes from Michaels to use as the base. Next I created the floral arrangements by cutting the flowers and sticking them into the handheld foam bases. Once I was finished I plopped them in the box and added a table number ( which I spray painted gold )

DIY wedding decor

The Welcome Sign

The Welcome sign I designed on the computer and printed it at a local print shop. I then taped it to a foam board so it could easily sit on the easel. The flower ( also inherited from my friend )I hot glue gunned to the board to add something extra, and give it more of a wedding feel.

DIY wedding decor

The Guestbook

Kyle and I wanted to do something a little bit different instead of a traditional guestbook. Since we both have a major travel itch we thought a giant map to sign, and a bucket list suggestion bin would be cute.

Once again my graphic design skills came in handy when it came to designing a big map. I quickly whipped up a pink map of the world and branded it with our wedding theme. I printed it at a local print shop and then framed it with an inexpensive frame I picked up at Walmart ( which I spray painted gold to match ).

The bucket I found at the dollar store, and I then printed a ‘bucket list’ title from my computer and taped it to the bucket.

We accessorized the table with candles and gold sharpies for the guests to sign away.

DIY wedding decor

The Cake

I was SO happy with our cake. Not only was it beautiful, but it was freaking delicious. Our friend’s sister is a master at baking and she whipped up this beautiful cake for us. I found an inspiration photo and sent it her way and she literally knocked it out of the park. The decorations for the cake were extra flowers I had from the centrepieces, and then a little topper I got off amazon.

DIY wedding decor

The Party Favours

I wanted to do something cute and inexpensive as a party favour, so I did a little bit of inspiration research. I decided on little baggies of Hershey’s hugs and kisses.I then printed tags to tie to the baggie which read ‘Hugs & Kisses from the Mr & Mrs’. SO cute! I printed the tags from my computer at home, cute them out and used a hole punch to create the perfect circle to tie the bag to.

diy wedding decor

The Card Table

For the card table I quickly whipped up another spray painted gold photo frame with a print inside. The box we found at Homesense and we thought it was adorable. It was pink and gold ( perfect ) with prints of Paris. The inside of it said ‘Paris is always a good idea’. For those who don’t know, Kyle and I got engaged in Paris, so we thought it was a perfect fit.

DIY wedding decor



September 10, 2017
September 14, 2017