Diana Chamomile

diana chamomile

Inspired Style: Diana Chamomile

Fashion is one of those things where the inspiration is endless. I love scrolling through Pinterest, and Instagram to get ideas and see other people’s creativity with fashion. I wanted to start featuring people who really embrace their own personal style, and who I’ve been inspired by. That said, my first inspired style feature is Diana from Diana Chamomile.

diana chamomile

I’ve been following Diana for quite some time now, and I’m always blown away by her style, creativity, and uniqueness. The New Jersey resident lives in close proximity to NYC ( jealous ), so you just know that her style has to be impeccable. What I love most about Diana is that she thrifts a ton of her clothes – and she is darn good at it too. She always looks so trendy and put together without breaking the bank.

Her Style

If I had to describe Diana’s style in two words it would be: unique vintage. The way she layers pieces together and accessorizes is truly unique and makes her stand out from a crowd. Lately she has been rocking this red beret, and I am obsessed – what a simple way to make an outfit totally pop without skimping on style.

diana chamomile

Her Social

Her social media matches her style and vibe perfectly. It is almost serene and extremely calming going through her Instagram page, with everything from outfit shots, coffee and lunch breaks, to NYC streets. Her YouTube channel always leaves me wowed. The quality of her videos, and insane creativity is unlike anyone else I’ve seen. The editing is always perfect, and she often uses spoken word poetry throughout her lookbooks.

diana chamomile

Diana’s message, and social accounts are like a breath of fresh air in social media today. I think finding genuine people who inspire you is so important. It’s really easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of social media, but there are also some truly amazing down to earth and genuine people on there too.

Find Diana here:

Instagram: @dianachamomile

Youtube: DianaChamomile

Twitter: @dianachamomile