Organize Your Life: Simple De-cluttering Tips

de-cluttering tips

Organize Your Life: Simple De-cluttering Tips

The dreaded clutter – we all have it or have had it, and it’s usually a great source of anxiety. I’m listing out a few simple tips for clearing your clutter, and keeping that clutter away. These may seem really small but they do make a big difference in the end. To organize your life you have to start somewhere, so here are my simple de-cluttering tips:

1. Make Your Bed Every Day

I was so against this for so long, and I’m not really sure why. Getting into a made bed every night is the perfect end to a long day. Not only does it feel great, but it also makes your room look way more tidy and less cluttered. Simply making your bed can make a big difference in your room.

2. Tidy Weekly

Usually every Sunday we like to take 15-30 minutes to do a power clean. This basically includes wiping down surfaces, putting things away, sweeping, etc. You can easily do this alone or with your partner, and you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in a short period of time.

This is also a good time to reflect and see if you’re bringing more clutter into your home. While you’re putting things away everything should have a home, and if you’re cramming things everywhere then maybe it’s time to rethink the items that are piling up.

3. Get Rid of Box

I know a lot of people say to get rid of one thing per day but it’s not like you want to be hitting up the thrift store every single day to donate things. I personally like to have a box in my home that I will slowly fill over time with things I don’t need anymore. When the box is full then I will purge everything accordingly, whether it’s donated, or given to friends or family. This also helps give you a little bit of a grace period with your items because you can see if you are still thinking about them or not when they’re in the box.

4. Something in Something out

Before bringing any new items into your home you should make room for them. Everything in your home should have it’s own place and if you’re continuously adding things then that’s when the overwhelming clutter starts to happen. Avoid this from the start and only bring things in when they’re needed or there is space.

5. Ditch the Junk as Soon as it Comes

I’m sure we can all relate to having that pile of mail, and flyers on our kitchen counter and that just keeps growing over time. Whenever we get our mail now we just recycle the junk right away. Whatever we aren’t going to use or anything unimportant should just go straight to the recycle bin, leaving it on the counter for later is just a recipe for unwanted clutter. Even just doing this simple task can make a big difference. Keep those surfaces clean!

E xx

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