How I Ended Up With a Career in Marketing

Career in Marketing

Figuring out what career direction you want to take in life is not an easy task. As it turned out my path was definitely not a straight one, so here’s my story and how I ended up with a career in marketing.

The Early Years

Growing up I was always that kid that had no idea what the heck I wanted to be. When adults would ask me, my response was always maybe a teacher? In reality I would just be telling them something they wanted to hear, but none of those traditional career paths ever sparked my interest. It always blew my mind how some people from such a young age knew exactly what they wanted to do and the path they needed to take to get there.

I guess you could say that my journey to my future career started off in high school. In my school you had to select one of the three arts for a credit in order to graduate. Since all of my friends decided on drama class, I thought what the heck that’ll be fun so I joined them. The class was okay, but I really wasn’t fond of the drama teacher so the following year on a whim I decided to give art a try. As it turned out, I actually liked art, and I was actually good at it too! – I had uncovered a talent that I never even knew I had.

Post Secondary

After high school I took a year off to work, make money, and figure my sh*t out. I sat down and thought to myself what kind of career path could I follow if I’m good at art? Luckily enough my local college offered a 1-year program for general arts. I decided to take it and that’s where I learned about all the possible career paths I could take with art as a primary skill. Who honestly knew there were so many options!?

After that program I wound up taking Interior Decorating. I always loved home décor so it sounded like the perfect career choice. After graduating, I realized that I really didn’t want to do that as a career.

now what?

I took another year off, worked as a waitress to make more money, and tried to regroup. That’s when I decided I needed to go back to school, and I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. I wound up back in school for Graphic Design, but this time it felt right, and this time I was so ready.

The Real World – and Birth of My Career in Marketing

Graphic Design flew by, and I loved every minute of it. I wound up getting a job with the federal government, which was an opportunity I am so grateful to have had. I worked there for a year, but I realized that wasn’t for me either. I started the hunt for something new, and I landed a job with an awesome Marketing and Design Agency.

During my time there I wound up doing less design work and more social media work. I already had a solid foundation of knowledge just from working on my own blog and social media, so why not roll with it? As my own blog and social media continued to grow I realized I needed something with more flexibility. So that is exactly how I wound up where I am now – working for myself, and doing marketing and branding work part time. It’s a good feeling to be motivated by your work, and continuously wanting to expand your skills. I truly encourage everyone to find that something that motivates them, and do that.

The moral of this whole story is that sometimes our paths aren’t clear from the start. Sometimes it takes trial and error or working shitty jobs to push you to get your butt into gear. For me, it was definitely a lot of trial and error, and I couldn’t even tell you where I see myself in 5 years because I literally have no idea. I love trying new things and pushing myself, and I don’t think I could ever settle. Always remember that you are in control of your life, so make the most of it, work hard, and everything will fall into place.

E xx

Career in Marketing