Affordable Denim for Killer Style

affordable denim

Affordable Denim for Killer Style

Denim is smokin’ hot right now, but how do you figure out which pieces to add to your closet this season? Don’t worry, because I have you covered. Below are some killer affordable denim pieces to spice up your wardrobe this spring and summer.

1. Jacket

Denim jackets are number one because they are everywhere right now, and there are so many cute options! I’m a big fan of the lighter denim but you really can’t go wrong with any shade – it’s all personal preference. If you want a piece you can keep for years then go for something more basic and classic, otherwise I’ve seen some stand out pieces with embroidery and patches.

2. Skirts

Denim skirts are another piece that I think can stay in the closet for years to come if you choose a classic style. Pair it with a button up and a blazer for a business casual look or a sweatshirt for something a little more chill. Options are definitely endless with a cute denim skit.

3. Shoes

Denim shoes are hot hot hot right now, and I’m itching for a cute pair of sandals. These are an affordable way to add denim to your outfit in a more subtle way. I would rock an oversized white blouse with white jeans, and a pair of these killer sandals for the perfect summer look.

What are your favourite denim pieces?

E xx