5 Basics to Add to your Spring Closet

Building up Your Basics

I know it may be a little bit early to be prepping for spring, but I am so ready for it. Spring is the light at the end of the winter tunnel, and after that comes summer – my favourite season. So forgive me for jumping the gun a tad and already planning out my wardrobe for the upcoming seasons LOL. I love to shop so much, but come January and February I usually take a little bit of a breather. I feel like I shouldn’t bother with more winter clothes because I already have enough, yet it’s too early to buy trendy new pieces for spring because I’ll still have to wait decades to wear them (unpredictable Canadian weather problems).

This year I’ve sort of taken a step back and I’m trying to build upon staple pieces in my wardrobe. I’m getting a few pieces that could be worn throughout any season, yet will still be on trend for spring and summer. In my opinion, as long as you have good quality basics then updating your wardrobe each season will be much more cost effective. Each season you can then purchase just a couple of things that are hot at the time and mix and match with your timeless pieces.

With that all said here are some of the key basic pieces I’ve been slowly adding to my wardrobe for spring and summer.

Mom Jeans

I know mom jeans may not be in style forever, but they sure aren’t stopping any time soon. Find yourself a solid pair of comfortable high-waisted mom jeans and you’ve got yourself a staple piece of clothing for every season.


White sneakers have definitely made a major splash in casual chic style. You can rock them with a sporty outfit or a blazer for a polished casual look, and the best part is they are totally comfortable – score.

Brown Bag

Nothing says spring and summer like a brown bag, white tee, and beachy waves in your hair. This is yet another piece that you can wear all year round, but I personally wear it more in the warmer months. A classic brown crossover bag is definitely a must.

White Shirt

Investing in a good white shirt is a great idea for everyone. I recently got a white blouse, which ties in the front and has the cutest button detailing on the back. In the summer I can wear it as is, and in the winter I could easily rock it with a blazer over top.


Whether is a pair of perfectly fitted jeans or the right denim jacket – either of these pieces will live for a long time in your closet. I recently added a denim jacket with a faux fur inside to my closet because it will definitely be warm enough to wear in the spring and fall on those cooler days.


February 16, 2017