13 Beach and Pool Essentials

pool essentials

13 Beach and Pool Essentials

Alright guys, summer is flying by so we need to soak up the rest of it as much as possible. That means hitting up a pool or the beach whenever an opportunity arises! I’ve compiled a list of things I like to have for a day by the water so here are my top 13 beach and pool essentials.



1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is number one because it’s the most important. You only have one body so take care of it and take care of your skin! I usually use 15 or 30 SPF but I always use 30 on my face. Even if my moisturizer has SPF in it I still like to add regular sunscreen to my face too. I’m not a fan of the spray sunscreens because it’s hard to make sure it’s evenly applied everywhere, so usually I opt for the cream ones. We’re not down for wrinkles!

2. Hair Protectant

This is kind of like sunscreen for your hair. I received this Dry Bar UV protectant in a goody back when I purchased things from the Nordstrom Sale, and I’m putting it to use! This is supposed to protect your hair from heat and UV damage.

pool essentials

3. Swimsuit

Obviously. My swimsuit is from Triangl, and I’m obsessing over this purple colour, the shape of the top, and the fact that it’s velvet! I’ve linked a few cute swimsuits at the top of the post as well.

4. Sunglasses

Check. I’m a big fan of the classic aviator sunglasses, but there are a million cute affordable sunglasses out there. Just make sure they’re UV protective.

5. Bathing suit cover

I personally love something quick and easy to throw over my swimsuit when I’m at the beach or the pool. Kimonos are a great option for that or a loose fitting dress that you don’t mind getting wet.

6. Braids

Tying your hair back is a great way to avoid knotting. I like double dutch braids for a day by the water because it keeps my hair out of my face, and it doesn’t become a rats nest in the wind.

7. Towel

For obvious reasons.

8. Flip Flops

Flip flops are an essential. You could totally wear cute strappy sandals, but I prefer something quick to slide on and off. Keep it simple.

9. Water

Water is essential. On a hot day you definitely need to stay hydrated. Get a reusable bottle and keep it topped up. Sometimes I even use a reusable coffee mug and it helps keep your water cold all day. Anything insulated is awesome.

10. Hat

I like to have a hat with me when I’m by the water as well. It’s great to have something else to shade your face from the sun.

11. Book

There’s nothing like reading by the water! Grab your favourite book and relax. Girl Boss is one of my favourites! Have you guys read that?

12. Camera

I always have my cell phone camera on me, but I also love to bring my GoPro to catch some water shots. It’s always fun to capture those memories.

13. Beach Bag

To carry all the essentials in!

E xx